Thursday, 19 May 2011


I am getting more than a little interested in Welsh Jacobites, thinking along lines of establishing my own little Welsh Jacobite Living History Society, get to dress up in some pretty fancy gear. Am seriously thinking on it, will keep you informed.

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Welsh Bicknor (Welsh: Llangystennin Garth Brenni) is an area of Herefordshire, England. Despite its name, it is not currently in Wales, but was historically ... -Cached - Similar

  1. William Vaughan of Courtfield - The National Library of Wales ...

    Two of his sons, RICHARD VAUGHAN and WILLIAM VAUGHAN were actively associated with the Jacobites . Both joined the young Pretender (as also did their ... -Cached - Similar
  2. Vaughan of Corsygedol - The National Library of Wales ...

    Dwnn gives the following pedigree for the GriffithVaughan of 1588 ... -Cached - Similar
    1. VAUGHAN - The National Library of Wales :: Dictionary of Welsh ...

      Two of his sons, RICHARD VAUGHAN and WILLIAM VAUGHAN were actively ... - Cached
    2. Roger Vaughan of Bredwardine

      Mention must be made of the second son, WILLIAM VAUGHAN of Rhydhelig , of ... -Cached - Similar

      Richard Vaughan - Ancestors of

      2 Mar 2011 ... The eldest son of the Late Mr William Vaughan, of Courtfield, ... Father: Lt Gen RichardVaughan Mother: Francesca Fourt y Magulier ... - Cached

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      Richard Vaughan was constable of Harlech castle in July 1704 and died in 1734. They had a son William Vaughan born in 1707 who inherited and married ... -Similar

Saturday, 14 May 2011


There are a few Welsh Based Medieval Reenactment Socities in Wales, but for the most part not enough to fullfil the demands of Cadw and Local Authorities that require such for Tourism events and local Liesiure activites thus as often as not English based Medieval Living Interest Groups are hired. Usually capable of portraying well English Medieval Castle Life and Castle Colonial Borough life but not so often Native Welsh Society and life at War and otherwise in a much broader way regards for instance native Laws, Language and Culture. Cadw at present are advancing a number of E.U. Heritage Tourism Initiatives based on themes of the Principalites of Gwynedd and Dehuebarth as per Medieval Pura Wallia but as per Marcher Wallia the emphasis is to be put on the Anglo - Norman Conquistadores and not the Native Princes, Lords and Chiefs of these Southern and Eastern Regions- You will have to do something about that as protest to change Cadw's mind. We thus seek to establish a Teyrnasoedd Cymru with purpose of correcting much of the above by advancing a greater interest in Medieval Wales to motivate much more Native Welsh Livinhg History Interpretation and reenactment. First Step decide whether or not to advance this Initiative via Urdd Brehinol Cymru and/or allow for the whole to advance out of 'autonomous' regional 'Gwledydd' develpment.


Goes further than Urdd Brenhinol Cymru that was passive whereas Teyrnasoedd Cymru will it is intended become a pro - active Living History Medieval Reenactment Initiative based on England's Anglorum Regnum.

Teyrnasoedd Cymru

Will cover a period from the Post Roman period of Cunedda Wledig to that of Llywelyn III and of his death in 1282 up to the last revolts of the 13th Century in 1294 and that of Llywelyn Bren in 1315 - 16 also of 1345  Troubles in the North. These latter years of the13th and beginning years of the  14th century will also take aboard the world of the Welsh Outlaws as 'Adar y Greim' and Mercenaries 'Gwenoliaid Cymru'. Depicted in picture below are the Arms of the Native Princes, Lords and Chiefs of Cymru/Wales. 

Teyrnasoedd Cymru

Will have a devolved 'Autonomous' foundation based on the four great Royal Households of Wales, the Gwledydd and Native Welsh Principalities of Gwynedd, Powys, Deheubarth, Glywysing (Gwent and Morgannwg). Depicted below is a baner of the Arms of Morgannwg and Gwent jointly representing Glywysing.

  1. Toni Lewis of Cofiwn was a great maker of Welsh Heraldic Flags as depicted in picture below.

    It's a pity more Patriots do not attempt making such Flags and Baners as myself and the two Patriots below, if they did we would soon have 100's of very colourful Welsh Heraldry Flags, Tabards and Shield should also be made so as each Gwledydd Region could organise their own Royal Honour Guards to march at head of Community Precessions and Patriotic Parades.

    Further each Gwledydd could organise their own Welsh Heraldic Display teams, of course H&S not being to forbidding?

    1. Before Going much further you will need to study up on Medieval Cymru/Wales via for starters see the following:


       - 4 visits - 12 May
    2. 9 May 2011 ... URDD BRENHINOL CYMRU. To Inform and educate on the Royal Houses of Wales 'Teyrnasoed Brenhinol Cymru'; Aberffraw - Gwynedd, ...

    3. - Cached

      1. 9 May 2011 ... I'R GADWelsh Medieval Battlefields Campaign. Objectives are to seek official recognition and registration of Welsh Medieval Battlefields... - Cached - Similar

        Then search web and books for Info as the following:

        * Llywelyn the Great by Roger Turvey, Gomer.

        * The Tamimg of the Dragon by W.B. Bartlett, Sutton Publishing.

        * The Welsh Kings by Karl Maund, Tempus.

        * The Welsh Princes 1o63 - 1283 by Roger Turvey, Longman Education.

        * The Anglo - Welsh Wars 1050 - 1300 by Stuart Ivenson,  Bridge Books.

    4. List of rulers of Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to Kings of Gwynedd‎: ... Bleddyn ap Cynfyn (1063–1075) (Mathrafal dynasty of Powys "receives" Gwynedd from the English King); Trahaearn ap Caradog...Deheubarth - Gwynedd - Morgannwg - -Cached - Similar

      1. King of Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        King of Wales was a very rarely used title, because Wales never achieved the ... -Cached - Similar

        Category:Medieval Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        Category:Medieval Wales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. The main article for this category is Medieval Wales. - Cached - Similar

    5. Medieval Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Medieval Wales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search.Medieval Wales may refer to: Wales in the Early Middle Ages · Wales in - Cached - Similar

    6. Category:People of medieval Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Category:People of medieval Wales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... Retrieved from "" ... - Cached

      Category:Women of medieval Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Category:Women of medieval Wales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... Retrieved from "" - Cached - Similar

    7. File:Cantrefi.Medieval.Wales.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Wales.jpg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. File; File history; File links. File:Cantrefi.Medieval.Wales.jpg ... - Cached - Similar

    8. History of Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Jump to Early Medieval Wales: 700–1066‎: Medieval kingdoms of Wales shown within the boundaries of the present day country of Wales and not inclusive of ... - Cached - Similar

    9. File:Medieval Wales.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Description, Medieval Wales.JPG. English: Made by self. Date. 2008-01-12 (original upload date). Source. Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to ... - Cached

        1. or nearly a quarter of a century, Regia Anglorum has been re-creating history for audiences around the world. We can offer skilled, properly equipped and ...

      1. Regia Anglorum - Article Index

        26 Mar 2005 ... Offers a complete overview of life within this period. Includes sections on history, weapons and warfare, everyday life and religion as well ... - Cached - Similar

    BOTW UK Directory - Recreation > Living History > Medieval

    InterMedieval - UK Branch - Provides platform for international medieval ... Weorod - Early Medieval living history society, based in Hampshire. ... -Cached - Similar

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    Unique online retail store selling; medieval, gothic, wicca, larp goods

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    Enjoy Your Past.